What is The Domain

The Domain is a massive multiplayer online game simulation. It has been designed to use the latest Virtual Reality and next generation interaction technologies such as the Leap Motion Controller. Currently the development of this game is being funded solely by the developer but there is a campaign to help boost financial support and in doing so, speed up development and initial release here: GoFundMe.

Further Explanation

The Domain is half a game, half a simulation; giving the player complete control over their avatar to be whoever and whatever they like. It has a built in social system that allows you to communicate with text, speech to text and speech (group or one-to-one) to connected friends or, if you are in one, your clan.

Your avatar and experience is measured by your level which goes up to a capped lvl_99, this controls what items, spells, abilities and more you can use and upgrade. This level number also depicts how much health, regeneration time and armour strength you have. It is upgraded by exploring and finding items such as relics and artifacts as well as "seizing" which is the activity of hunting other players and seizing their coins.

There is plenty to do in The Domain with hand crafted storylines, in-depth challenges, raiding, seizing, competitions, death matches and procedural quests. There is always something new to do, find or explore whenever you spawn in. Upon spawning you will always be spawned to Genesys, a place where you can trade with other players and cannot die.

The aim of the game is to explore, adventure and have fun but you have to actively try not to die. There are consequences and the death mechanics work different from real life but does come with a hit. When you die, you zero out. you will lose all coins, artifacts, relics, weapons, abilities and current lvl_ upgrade points. this means that if you are a lvl_45 and are 2 points away from lvl_46, you will reset to the base of lvl_45. You will keep your avatar customizations, get one coin and have only the base weapons and abilities with your newly spawned avatar when you zero out. But don't worry you can easily go onhunts with friends to get things back and perhaps luck will even be on your side and present you with randomly higher powered gear as you try to re-gain your stash.

Take a look

Some noteable points

Development is on-going and the features far outweigh this list

Procedural weapons
Realistic physics and interaction
Leap Motion Controller support
Several planets, art styles, enemies and items
Force powers (push, pull, grab and throw)
Jetpack, cars, bikes and more
Player location system (for clans and connected friends)
Clans and connected friends (you don't have to create or join a clan)
Thermal and X-Ray vision
Limb based targeting system
Ragdoll physics

Open universe travel and flight
Take control of Non-Playable-Characters (possession)
Fully destructible environments
Procedural asteroids to explore
Time control (with artifacts)
Fully customizable avatar from hair to crosshair
Artifacts and relics
Gesture based spell casting
Terminal access